Thursday, October 28, 2010

Current Event

Hippo Escaping From Montenegro Zoo
The two ton animal, considered one of the world's most dangerous, reportedly swam over the wall of her pen during heavy flooding in the Balkan country.The owners of the private zoo say they have to wait for flood waters to get out of the was before trying to capture her.Nikica has been wallowing in the water in Plavnica village. The Plavnica village is where he is popular attraction.Nikola Pejovic, one of the owners of the zoo, says her movements are being tracked by the zoo's private security and that she is "extremely tame and peaceful".He told AFP news agency that she would probably stick to a path about 1km (0.6 miles) long, leading towards neighbouring houses in the village, near the capital Podgorica on Lake Skadar.The hippopotamus, which is native to Africa, is one of the heaviest land animals. It is a plant eater that can weigh up to three tonnes.Fiercely territorial, it can run faster than a human over short distances, and has powerful teeth and jaws.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Renewable vs. Non-renewable Resources

renewable resource is something that is being continually replaced faster than we use it up. 
 Renewable resources are such as water, oxygen, timber tree and fruits and vegetables.These can be replaced and will never be gone, as we use them.
non-renewable resource is something that is not being replaced as we consume it. 
When you use petrol, gas, coal, basically anything you burn to produce heat and then turn this energy into electricity of mechanical energy (a car engine) you are using a raw material that is not going to be replaced. In fact petrol, gas and coal takes million of years to be naturally produced. 
 1) Renewable energy sources (e.g. wind, solar, hydroelectric...) are more environmental-friendly as they are taken from nature compared to nonrenewable energy sources (e.g. coal, petroleum, natural gas...) as they produce greenhouse gases when burnt.
2) Renewable energy sources will last forever and will not run out whereas nonrenewable energy sources will run out sooner or later.
3) Most renewable energy sources are cheaper (now or in the future) as compared to nonrenewable energy sources (e.g. coal).
4)They are more cheaper because they can be replaced easily and fast versus to non-renewable. 
Non-renewable resources cannot be replaced.They are much more expensive than renewable because it is harder to find and takes a lot of time for them to be reproduced.
The only way so they can last longer is to recycle and to be used how much is needs to be use.
People mostly choose renewable because it's easier to find than non-renewable, can be replaced much more easier and is a lot more cheaper. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Current Events

Scientists recently reported on a disgusting new idea for human health: The ground-up brains of cockroaches, they say, may help fight infectious diseases.
To most of us, not even a spoonful of sugar is going to help that medicine go down.Cockroaches are insects with simple, small brains.